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Theo Kalomirakis: Making Home Theater Matter

iPadThis was reported in the New York Times yesterday morning (2/2): “A 2013 study by the nonprofit advocacy group Common Sense Media found out that children 8 and younger spend less time watching traditional screen media and more time consuming media on mobile devices than they did two years ago. In other words, young people are growing up watching movies on smaller and smaller screens.”

How can the home theater industry fight this alarming trend? To my mind, our only weapon is education and spreading the word among our A/V integrators and their clients that there is absolutely no substitute for watching a movie on a big screen in a dedicated space. Not even a media room or a family room with a big plasma TV as its focal point does the trick. You need the privacy of a room that keeps the real world locked outside to get the full experience. The more we educate the community of A/V integrators to think this way, the more they will convey the message to their clients.

Purple-RoseSince I finished my own theater, I am reminded daily of what a difference it makes how we see movies. With its great picture and great sound, playing a Blu-ray Disc in my theater is an absolute thrill. Making others aware that there is no substitute for a dedicated home theater is a good step towards keeping the home theater concept alive.

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